Intuitive Popups

Create Popups

Build and create beautiful popups for your website! Choose from many different templates! Edit your banner in real time, add text, colors, images, and behaviors.


Integrates with all the leading marketing platforms to help build your social following with more likes and followers, or increase your email lists with new subscribers.

Real-time Analytics

Your popups, slide-ins or notification bars come with powerful analytics. You can get a real-time graph overview to view statistics such as number of clicks, unique views & conversions.


Control your popups including the type of animation. You can choose from over 80+ animations to control how your popup enters and exits the screen.


Control when your popup appears. Decide if you want it to appear always, only when a user tries to leave the website or page, on a specific page, on a mobile device, or two step popups.

Trigger Choices

You can easily view all of the trigger options when creating and editing your popups. A few popular triggers are:

EXITING- When a user tries to exit the page, display an attractive popup to re-engage a visitor and give them a reason not to leave.

TIMING- You can control when your popup appears: on a schedule, if a user scrolls down, in a specific area of the page, or when a user has been inactive on the screen for a specific period of time.

TWO STEP- You can have a user click a button that can trigger the popup to appear. This feature can be used to target links, images and elements that users are most likely to click on.


Easy Designing

Easily design your popups with the customizer. Choose from a pre-made template, or create one from scratch. With a pre-made template simply click on the text to edit it, add images, change background colors and change fonts. You can see your changes right then and there to custom make your action-ready popup!

Personalize your ads

Referer URL Based Popup

You can set parameters for your popup to help distinguish where your visitors came from and decide what content to appear. For example, you can determine where your visitors came from such as a social media platform and display a specific message and popup!

Create customized modules on your popups with a specific message that matches the interest of visitors coming from a particular website/social media platform. This is perfect for social engagement!


View details specific to your popups, slide-ins and notification bars.

Schedule Your Popup

Easy to get started in your account

Once signed into your admin panel, you will activate this particular feature under ‘Plugins’. Then all you do is decide if you want a popup, info bar, or a slide in. You can look through different templates or create your own. From there you can customize everything you need to,


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