eCommerce Features

Sell Anything

Sell physical products, like clothing and jewelry, or digital downloads such as media, subscriptions, and digital photography! You can limit access to your posts and sell either worldwide or to a specific country. It’s up to you!

Unlock more Features

There are over 70 additional modules/extensions to extend the functionality of your web store. You can extend it with report emails, gift certificates, store credit, and more!

Manage Orders

Easily manage all of your orders and customers! Create orders, edit orders and some payment gateways will even allow you to refund orders right from your admin panel.

Checkout Process

In your settings you can easily enable/disable guest checkout, allow customers to register at checkout and view coupon codes. There is even an add-on for Checkout Field Customization.

Shipping Integration

Manage shipping options and automatic calculations. You can add even more with our ToolBox, allowing integration with FedEx, USPS, UPS and Your customers can even track their shipments!


Easily add coupons for entire carts, for specific products and many other parameters. Also, extend the functionality coupon URL’s, Store Credit, and Smart Coupons!

Inventory Management

Manage your inventory, receive stock notifications and hide products that are currently out of stock. Enable wait lists to notify a potential buyer when you have stock again.


Calculate the tax based on shipping address, billing address or your store’s address. Control tax classes, display of taxes on your eShop, and define tax rates. You can also add a third party calculation tool with TaxJar.

Create your own affiliate program

Extend your eCommerce functionality with an affiliate program and additional add-ons.

Real Time Reporting

Quickly track affiliates, referrals, earning, affiliate-referred visits, and affiliate registrations with no lag time! See everything in real time, without delay.

Enable Direct Link Tracking

Direct Link Tracking allows your affiliates to link directly to your site/product without the need for an affiliate link; therefore visitors will be completely unaware of any affiliate links.

Links for Affiliates

Allow your affiliates to grow your business by giving them access to your visual resources and text links for them to promote your website.

PayPal Payouts

PayPal Payouts allows you to pay all of your affiliates’ earnings directly from your PayPal account with a single click! Payouts can be sent individually or in bulk to process many referrals at one time.



Connect your affiliate program with over 700 web services with Zapier, a third-party platform that connects different applications with specific actions.

Affiliate Coupon Tracking

Affiliate coupon tracking allows you to create and connect a unique coupon code to a specific affiliate account. Therefore, anytime the coupon is redeemed in your store, that particular affiliate is awarded a referral.

Affiliate Approval

You can manually approve affiliates, automatically approve affiliates or you can have it where anyone who registers for an account can is automatically enrolled as an affiliate.


Traditionally, an affiliate will receive a commission for each sale. You can also enable lifetime referrals on all future purchases by a customer as well as recurring referrals for membership programs.

Everything you need to create an eCommerce website.

Sell pretty much anything, anywhere, anytime. Here you can sell physical goods, digital goods and everything in between! Be empowered and create your website today!

Get Started Quickly

Easily get started by simply using the builder, selecting ‘Load from Library’, and then you can select your page from there. The image shown above is using the template ‘Shop Extended’. This will make your website building experience just that much quicker!

Get Started

Editing Your Page

If you selected a pre-defined layout, click the ‘Visual Editor’. You can view and edit each of the items on the page including margins, colors, what is displayed or completely rearrange the page. It is all up to you!

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