Create your own chat support program

Initiate Chats

You can initiate chats with users. This is a great way to engage user connections.

Browser Notifications

You can have your browser, such as Google Chrome, show a popup on the bottom of your screen when a new user is chatting in.


Offline Messages

If you are not online you can still capture messages. You can accept offline message that are stored within your admin panel.

Quick Responses

Create predefined/canned messages and responses to commonly repeated phrases.

What your customers see

They can easily chat back and forth with you and leave offline messages.

Colors, Settings, Phrases…

Change different settings, play sound for notification, chat position, admin email, operators of your chat program, colors for the entire chat, default texts, and blocking users from chatting based on IP address.

Initiate Chats

You can view the number of visitors currently online, the visitor name if they have previously chatted in, the time spent on the website, basic data, their status, and you can initiate chats. You can also enable/disable accepting chats without having to log in and out of your admin with just a simple click of a button.

Answer Chats

You can receive a notification when a chat comes in by browser notification and receive a sound notification. Once you accept the chat you can chat back and forth with the user. You also can enter in predefined answers, change font type with bolding, italics, and color, and view the page your customer was on when the chat was initiated.

Can I have multiple agents?

Yes, you can. You can decide who has access to answering chats and settings.

Can I view a chat log of all the chats?

Yes, you can. Simply click ‘History’ under the Chat screen. You can also delete all of the chats.

Am I charged per user/agent?

No, you are not. This chat program is mainly designed for smaller organizations; however, we do not specifically limit to the number of the agents.


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