Custom Settings

Edit all of your settings from Staff Members to Scheduling time frames! You can customize wording, colors and embed the form anywhere on your site!

Special Days

Change working hours of your staff for special days of the year. Settings are specific to each employee.

Appointment Form

Customize the colors and the wording on your appointment booking form. For example, you might want to rename ‘Staff’ to ‘Valued Member’.

Service Schedule

Set hours of the availability of a specific service. For example: Nails may only be done 10am-3pm.

Special Hours

Set prices of services for specific hours within a provider’s schedule. Great for offering discounts and promoting the slower times of the day!

Payments and Deposits

Easily take payments or deposits for your appointments with PayPal,, Stripe, Mollie, and 2Checkout. You can even integrate it in with WooCommerce the eCommerce platform in your admin panel.


Create coupons for paid services on the website when creating an appointment.


Translate your appointment booking with the WPML add-on.

Not just for One-on-One appointments! Think Classes, Yoga and Groups!

You can schedule appointments for more than just one person at a time. You may want to schedule classes, yoga sessions, spinning classes, small get-togethers, or whatever you can think of!

Example of the appointment booking form. Note: Anything submitted here will not actually set an appointment.



Customize the appearance of your booking form.

Change color and wording easily with the appearance tool!

Feature Packed!

Unlimited Appointments

No Limits here! Schedule an unlimited amount of appointments.

Sync to Google Calendar

Sync your appointment calendar to Google Calendar with just a few clicks.

Edit Services

Edit service details such as price, duration, description, image and more!


Customer Self Service

Customers can schedule and pay for appointments themselves on your website, 24/7 capability!

Add Categories

Categorize your services based on your business so you and customers can schedule easier.

Services by Provider

Decide if all your staff/providers can do a specific service or only specific providers.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile Friendly for you, your staff, and customers. Access it any where, any time!

Add Services

Add a service to your appointment book such as a 15 min consultation and assign it to a category (if you have them).

Add Customers

Easily add customers to your appointment book and schedule appointments.

Edit Email Templates

Edit any of the transactional email templates such as the immediate confirmation email or reminder emails.


Edit Email Templates

Edit any of the transactional email templates such as the immediate confirmation or reminder emails.

Edit Customers

Edit Customers, their appointments and information. Add notes about each customer.

Customers Can Manage Appointments Online

This is a feature that you can allow your customers to do. You can have a customer be able to login directly to your website, and manage their appointments with you. For step by step directions go here

Getting Started

Everything is pretty user friendly. For a step by step getting started guide go here.

View More Features of SetHours

SetHours has many other features from eCommerce, to document signing to events!

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