Powerful Website Building

Build a powerful website, blog, appointment setting and eCommerce website. The power is in your hands to custom make exactly what you and your business needs!

Pricing Options

Gorgeous Design

You can create anything that you want to! Change your navigation, colors, fonts, layout and much more! You will create a beautiful masterpiece, right out-of-the-box!

Appointment Setting

Set appointments or have clients set appointments on your website. You can also take deposits or payments when a customer sets an appointment. More information click here

eSign Docs

You can activate this powerful feature and have clients/customers sign custom contracts and documents! Store the documents right in your admin panel. UETA/ESIGN Compliant. Click for more information.

Appointment Gateways

For appointment booking you can take payments for Deposits or Full Payment with the following payment gateways: 2Checkout, PayPal, Authorize.net, Stripe, Payson, and Mollie.


Drag & Drop Builder

Use a text editor, use the drag and drop builder or use the front-end drag and drop builder to see exactly what you are building. The choice is yours!


Sell just about anything you want including physical and digital products. You can activate more powerful features to create a one-of-a-kind web shop for your business, all included. More information click here

Form Creation

Create custom forms with a drag and drop builder. Easily create forms for contact, job applications, payment screens; you can do pretty much whatever you can think of. More information click here

eCommerce Gateways

For your online shop you can take payments with: PayPal, Checks, 2Checkout, Braintree, PayPal Digital Goods, PayPal Express, Authorize.net, Stripe, Intuit QuickBooks, Mollie and PayPal Pro.

Fully Responsive

Build with confidence knowing that your entire website is completely compatible with mobile devices, tablets and desktops!


With this add-on you can sell events for classes, training, yoga, or anything that you would consider an event. It can be free or you can charge an entrance fee. This integrates seamlessly with eCommerce. Click for more information


You can create a blog and update your users with your latest content. Easily add posts, edit posts and manage them all in one place. Best part is, it is all mobile friendly and “pinged” to the search engines.

Social Media

Easily display all of your social media networks on a page of your website. This isn’t your typical button; users can actually search your social media pages on your website to find exactly what they are looking for.


Everything you need to manage your eCommerce website including adding customer orders in the admin panel. Add unlimited products and orders!

More Info

Plugins to Extend Functionality

Extend the functionality of your site with plugins. There are numerous options including document signing, social media, extensions for your eCommerce website and so much more!

Get Started

Add Events

Extend your site with the ability to sell event tickets. Easily track serial ticket numbers, or bar codes. You Also you have extend the functionality of events with over 10 additional plugins!

Get Started

Control SEO

Edit your websites SEO settings and control each pages SEO including Meta Descriptions. Add in your webmaster tools for Bing, Google and Yandex. Manage your website’s SiteMap. Also manage your Facebook/Twitter Social Share SEO.

Selling Tools

Build an entire eCommerce website selling physical and/or digital goods. Set and manage appointments; you can have customers pay a deposit or entire service fee to schedule their appointment. Sell event/class tickets and automatically have the customer receive a printable ticket to bring to your event. Sell gift certificates, store credit and much more! Extend the functionality of your eStore with over 70 additional modules with everything from functionality to shipping to additional payment gateways.

Edit Theme Settings

Edit your theme settings from logos, to favicons, to the little details. You can edit and display social icons, integrate MailChimp, Google and Aweber, choose your color scheme and so much more!

Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP is a Google-Backed project that accelerates mobile pages on mobile devices. This often gets higher in the search results for News as well as in the general search engines. Your pages are automatically converted to AMP; however, you can edit the styling, enable/disable on specific pages, and edit pages specifically for AMP.

Social Sharing

Allow your visitors to socially share your content with ease! Connect with over 20 different social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. Have your social share icons appear in 5 locations: Floating Sidebar, Above or Below Content, On Images, Automatic Popup, or Automatic Fly-In. There are 6 different Fly-In or Popup Triggers including timed delay, upon scrolling, after purchasing or after there has been no activity on the page. Choose colors, shapes and hover effects!

EU Cookie Law

Easily enable this plugin to create a cookie popup that has your Cookie notice to your visitors. You can set the cookie expiration, reword the ‘I accept’ button, allow users to refuse the notice, change the appearance and colors, wording, and effects. Everything you need to have a sophisticated and simple notice.

Edit Menus

Set up menus and quick access links on your website. The most common is a header menu, but you can create as many menus as you need, like an accounts or a footer menu. You can easily drag and drop a page into place, add hyperlinks, add posts or link to anywhere on your website.

Notification  Bars

Add notification bars to your website. There are a number of options including simply text/links, show posts, newsletter form, social media icons, Facebook Page/Twitter Account Feeds, Countdown Timer (most popular), Video In a Popup, and Search Form. Change appearance, colors and preview it before making it live. Set different showing triggers on specific pages, whether a visitor is logged in or not, the number of times a visitor has showed, or set during specific time frames.

Social Boards

Connect your social media on a page on your website. Supports 17 different social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Display all of your current feeds in one place where visitors can even search your posts! The stylish, modern look and feel are sure to wow your customers! Has rotating feeds, timeline, carousal and metro layouts, and is completely responsive.

User Role Editor

Edit some of the functionality of each of your user types. For example, let’s say you have a manager and you do not want them to delete users, so you can uncheck the functionality. By default the administrator has all capabilities, but for everyone else you can edit their limits and what they can and cannot do. Perfect for multi-level organizations!

Email/Newsletter Opt-In Forms

Choose from over 100 awesome templates that can be customized to your brand. Create targeted email opt-in formation based on specific pages or posts, display unique forms based on visitor location or interaction, or have it always available. Choose from 6 different display options such as automatic pop-up or fly-ins, inside a post, below content, in a widget, or you can even require opt-on to unlock a page or content. Integrates with 16 email providers including MailChimp, AWeber, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, iContact, SalesForce, MadMimi, emma, and ActiveCampaign.

Import XML, CSV, or RSS

Import XML files or URLs, CSV files or RSS feeds right into your website. This allows you to be able to import posts, pages, orders and coupons into your website. You can also update existing items as well. Some example uses are: list of coupon codes from another provider that you want to bulk input into the system or your old posts are on accessible via XML and you would like to import them into your existing website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Currently, we have a weekly and a monthly plan depending on which you would like. To view our current pricing go to https://edumember.com/pricing

What exactly am I getting?

Great question! Basically, at setup you will decide your URL which is something like https://edumember.com/YOURNAME. This is where you customers/clients will go to view your website. Once you login to your admin panel you can control just about every aspect of your website. Basically you are getting a complete website builder with extended functionality. You can easily create your own website, pages and blog or you can always hire a developer/designer to do it for you.

For eCommerce, what kinds of features are there?

For eCommerce you have the basic features such as settings, reports, adding products (physical and digital). You also have the ability to add our ToolBox that gives you extended functionality that you can activate, including:
Being able to display your products by Brands
Cart Notices
Chained Products
Checkout Addons
Composite Products
Facebook Tabs
Gift Certificates
Points and Rewards
Pre Orders
Product Addons
Product Bundles
Product Enquiry Form
Products of the Day
Smart Coupons
Splash Popup
Store Credit
URL Coupons
Sell Photography
Shipping via FedEx
Shipping via USPS
Shipping via UPS
Shipping via Stamps.com
Get Cart Repots
Get Sales Report Emails
Advanced Notifications
Ajax Layered Navigation
Bulk Stock Management
Bulk Variation Forms
Catalog Visbility Options
Checkout Field Editor
Currency Converter Widget
Customer/Order CSV Export
Customer/Order CSV Import
Dynamic Pricing
Google Product Feed
Measurement Price Calculations
Min/Max Quantities
MSRP Pricing
Name Your Price
One Page Checkout
Order Barcodes
Order Status Manager
PDF Catalog Download
PDF Invoice Product
CSV Import Product
Image Watermark
Sequential Order Numbers
Tab Manager
Warranty & RMA Mgmt.



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