SetHours offers many different features and plugins, but not everyone needs every feature. Below are some wonderful examples of what you could do with SetHours, so let your imagination run wild! Dream Big…Design…Implement

Massage Therapists

Can use the website builder and the appointment booking. This allows the massage therapist to create a beautiful and responsive website, manage appointments and allows the therapist to get deposits before a client schedules an appointment, reducing their no show rate.

Physical Therapists

Can use the website builder, appointment booking and eCommerce. This allows the physical therapist to create an incredible website with testimonials from clients, schedule appointments, and sell herbal supplements on their website using the eCommerce platform.

Wedding Planner

Can use the website builder, appointment booking, events, and chat.  This allows the wedding planner to create an unbelievably beautiful website showcasing some of their latest weddings. They can use the appointment book to manage consultations with potential customers, as well as manage their existing schedule. Organizing weddings with event tickets helps to keep things running smoothly; they can use the online chat to talk with potential new customers without losing focus on their other tasks.

Lawyers and Attorneys

Can use the website builder to showcase their talents and display their privacy policies. Appointment Booking manages schedules and consultations. Those of you in the legal field can use the events, forms, eDocument Signing and Chat to accept retainers and sign documents and contracts.

Real Estate Agent

Can use the website builder, appointment booking, events, forms, eDocument Signing and Chat. This allows the real estate agent to display his best properties. The appointment book manages potential customers, as well as manage their existing schedule. Advertise larger events and Open Houses for potential buyers! The forms help to obtain  information from a potential buyer looking for specific property necessities. The eDocument feature is perfect for contracts, proposals, and closing. Of course, chat is an excellent way to talk directly with potential buyers!

Business Selling Products

Businesses can use the website builder, Chat, eCommerce and Popups.  This allows the company to create a stunning website and showcase their products for sale. They can list every product they have, including description, SKU, price, inventory and shipping methods. The online chat is great for customer service, talking with buyers, matching buyers with products, and discussing shipment arrivals. When items are sold out or out of stock, customers can be put on wait-lists, allowing businesses a marketing opportunity to contact customers when that product becomes available, plus offer promotions and discounts. They can use popups to engage users, increase social following, and create email lists. Businesses can manage their entire eCommerce business with SetHours!


A blogger can use the website building tools and blog to showcase their talents, display new feeds, integrate with social media and grow their following. This is perfect for those starting out or for those that need an updated platform that they can control.

Concert, Musician, Band

Musicians can use the event feature to set their schedule, the number of tickets available, VIP and Standard tickets and manage it all in one place. They can integrate it with lob.com to have physical tickets shipping one at a time to save money and time. There are digital tickets that a user can print out and bring to the door at an event. The best part is that the event holder can check tickets in with a Google Chrome app, with barcode scanning or with their iPhone or Android device.  Perfect for small or large venues.


Weekly Billing

Billed Weekly
  • Complete Website Builder
  • Access to all Premium Plugins
  • Drag and Drop Website Building
  • eCommerce and over 70 Extensions for extended functionality
  • Appointment Booking with Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Event Ticketing with Payments
  • eDocument Signing for Contracts, Releases…
  • Updates & New Releases
  • Weekly Billing
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